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This is the first article I wrote in my position as Arts Editor for The Badger – 28/02/11

When my boyfriend called, saying he had a spare ticket for the NME Awards Tour, (half-an-hour before the doors opened!) I naturally whipped on some clothes before running to the Brighton Dome.

I really enjoyed the first two acts ‘The Vaccines’ and ‘Everything Everything’ even though I hadn’t really listened to them before. You could say I’m not the gigging type, but because I’m in love with the next two bands I thought, ‘I’m going to do this right’. So we squeezed our way to the front. I only had a second to realise that this was mosh pit territory as Magnetic Man erupted from the stage. Everyone went mental to the sound of dubstep, but literally ‘I needed air’.

I don’t know how people enjoy getting pushed and shoved in every which direction in a mass of sweaty moshers. I just wanted to enjoy raving to ‘Crossover’ but I was ‘Getting Nowhere’. Then I realised, to my horror, my camera had fallen out of my bag. Luckily, I just happened to turn around as a friendly emo was holding up said camera and I managed to retrieve it.

Things got even more rowdy when headline act Crystal Castles came on the scene. They were absolutely amazing and everything but is there a need to jump on people’s feet? It wasn’t long before I’d lost a shoe and was tactically hopping to save my other foot. Then I saw that their vocalist, Alice Glass, was still performing brilliantly on one crutch because of a broken ankle! And here’s me complaining.

Post-gig and worse for wear, I got home to find myself covered in bruises, but still it was the best gig I’ve been to. If I ever go anywhere near a mosh pit again though, I’ll wear sturdy shoes, won’t bring any valuables and generally give people a shove back!