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Hello there! It’s been a while…

As it’s that weird lull between Christmas and New Year where no one knows what day it is and there seems to be no sense of time (hence lullmas), I thought I’d write a festive blog post.

Hope you’ve had a jolly crimbo full of mince pies, pressies, stuffing your face with far too much turkey, getting merry on one too many mulled wines and passing out on the sofa…only to miss The Snowman and The Snowdog (what a shame).

I’ve had a lovely quiet Christmas with the parentals, sipping Baileys whilst playing board games, getting very competitive and loading my brain with completely pointless trivia in the process. Did you know that everything seemed to happen in 2009? Glee started, Patrick Swayze died, The Hannah Montana Movie came out, Michael Jackson died…

Festive times

Christmas at The Grahams’

As you can see I’ve also got very into Instagram – since Santa brought me an iPhone 5! Bit of an upgrade from my tiny Sony Ericsson with no internet. Only problem is I’ve become addicted to faffing about with its many apps and games (The Sims and Temple Run primarily). When I met up with my friends all I could do was take Hipstamatic photos.

Twas the day before Christmas for a spot of festive Miranda

Twas the day before Christmas for a spot of festive Miranda

Other notable gifts included: some headphones, a Muse T-shirt, Jack Whitehall’s DVD, subscription to Q magazine, some Hamsa earrings from the bf, some lovely mitten/fingerless gloves from the bf’s family…and so much chocolate that I’ve had to hide it from myself. Oh and my main present from Santa was…a new hub cap for my car, since I lost mine in Brighton.


Crimbo gift highlights

I am glad the world didn’t end before we had time to eat the Christmas dinner, but I think I’ve had enough festive jollity for now. All I’m looking forward to now is dressing up in black and gold for New Year’s Eve! We’re all heading off to Norwich for a ‘Gold Dust’ theme night and no doubt getting absolutely gazeeboed as we see through 2013. 
Just got to decide what to wear! I’m thinking black shirt with gold studded collar, high-waisted shorts, black heels and LOTS of gold jewellery and glitter.

Watch this space.

This lull is also the time to reflect and make resolutions that I probably won’t follow. Here’s the list so far:

1) Complete my NCTJ 
2) Get a job!
3) Go running every week
4) Train for the 5k Swimathon 
5) Cut down on the French Fancies and McCoys
6) SAVE MONEY – unless I complete (2)
7) Blog once a week
8) Go somewhere exotic with money from (2)

So not a lot really.

It’s hurting my head thinking about the future, I’m off the bed. Got to get up for a donder in the gorgeous Norfolk countryside…

Merry Lullmas one and all.