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541365_10151274733812321_1593997909_nSex, chocolate and indie-pop. Of course I’m referring to the music of The 1975, who are on a roll at the moment with three EPs under their belts, copious radio exposure and a debut album on the way.

The Green Door Store was host to two four-piece bands from opposite ends of the country; playing at home were Brightonian pop rock group The New Union who whet our appetites for a feast of musical talent from Mancunian band The 1975.

Adam (guitar), George (drums) and Ross (bass) took to the stage as turquoise beads of light from the disco ball bounced around the room. The hoodie-clad musicians were then joined by ominous lead vocalist and guitarist, Matt, dressed in black from head to toe. This contrast of pop-esque lighting with their dark demeanour reflected their music style – a blend of synthy pop rock with themes of fear, sex, drugs and death.

Nevertheless, his vocals were effortlessly sharp, if not a bit more edgy with a cold. You know how singers sound brilliant on the record but rubbish live? Matt is one of the rare exceptions. As they played their latest single ‘Chocolate’ I could not help but compare the milky treat to his smooth, dreamy tones.

“We done an album pretty much,” was Matt’s opener for new track ‘Settle Down’ from their debut due for release in spring. After a selection of other non-EP songs which kept the crowd entertained, came the one what we’d all been waiting for. ‘Sex’. This track from their second EP of the same name really got us going…and Matt’s mane whipping.

The foursome rocked the risqué track as Matt sung, “But if we’re gonna do anything / We might as well just fuck / She’s got a boyfriend anyway,” seemingly implying that he can fill the gap, as it were, in her love life. During the interlude of ethereal, echoing guitars Matt head banged and jammed with guitarist Adam before singing the end of the song with his back to the audience. The wine had obviously impaired his sense of direction.

The female fans were suckers for his bad boy persona and Matt was pestered by gaggles of them for autographs and photos afterwards, ehem, myself included. After a cheeky snap I told him I was writing this review, to which he replied: “Ah excellent, don’t say anything bad will you?!” I think I’ve kept to my word, not that there was anything negative to report. When I asked him to sum up the gig, he exclaimed: “It was very warm!”

Well, whether he meant the temperature or the reception from the audience – he was spot on!