1395448_10151724700887321_1510372071_nWhat a week-and-a-half it’s been.

On Wednesday 2nd October at about 6:35pm, I was walking to yoga with Rachel when I had a call from Hogarth Worldwide saying I’d got the job! Cue an overwhelming sensation of relief and euphoria that I’d finally managed to get my foot in the door. I don’t know how I managed to relax during that yoga session…

So I decided to make the most of my last week-and-a-bit of freedom. First of all by going camping with Joe. We huddled around the campfire and laughed at the tales of how we first got together in the beautiful surroundings of the Southdowns.

Conveniently my parents were coming down to Brighton for the weekend anyway, and even more convenient, it was gloriously sunny day so we actually sat outside to feast on Mexican food as we celebrated my new job.

Plenty of random stuff happened in the week that followed.

  • I drove all the way from Brighton to London’s Pinewood Studios with tickets to be in the audience of ‘Staying in with Greg and Russell’ – only to be turned away as we were a few minutes late and it had reached ‘maximum capacity’.
  • I attended a prestigious travel event – Wanderlust World Guide Awards at the Royal Geographical Society in London (which I almost missed as I was trying to get in the wrong door!)


  • I went to two gigs – the first in Brighton’s The Prince Albert pub where we were right at the front to see IYES (during which a girl dancing around like a nutter decided I might like to dance with her too – for the record, no, I do not want to be forced to dance with a complete stranger, go be drunk somewhere else).


  • The second was the one and only ELLIE GOULDING who I went all the way to Southampton to see. Just as she was about to come on stage, some guy in front of me felt backwards, and apparently he can fainted because in a few moments people were carrying him out on a stretcher. Poor guy. Ellie was awesome though.
Ellie G rocking Southampton Guildhall

Ellie G rocking Southampton Guildhall

  • Oh and I sailed the Titanic at the SeaCity Museum in Southampton (see first image used as a metaphor for embarking on the next part of my life…hopefully it will be more successful than that maiden voyage though!).

So all in all an eventful week, and now I’m writing this as I try to make myself sleepy with chamomile tea and incense so I can wake up at 5:30am tomorrow and make the commute to London’s Shaftesbury Avenue to begin my career as a proofreader.

Bring it on!