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LondonI’ve just finished week two of my job as a proofreader at Hogarth World Wide, and I am shattered! Here’s why:

5:30am – Alarm goes off

7:14am – Get the train from Brighton to London Victoria

9:00am – Start work

6:00pm – Finish work

Sometime around 7:45pm – Get home, eat and watch TV

10:00pm – Sleep

And repeat!

Exhausting right? I don’t even have time to eat in the morning so I have to take my cereal or porridge on the train! On the plus side I’ve got a lot of reading done – it’s quite nice to just have 2 hours each day where I have nothing to do except chill out.

Breakfast at 80mph

Breakfast at 80mph

But then there’s the sweaty rush through the underground with all the other working folk and the frequent feeling of being a sardine. However working in London has its perks – my office is conveniently located on Shaftesbury Avenue so my lunch breaks are often spent wandering Seven Dials and Covent Garden…

The most extravagant Jack Wills

The most extravagant Jack Wills

This place smelt so good!

I just wanted to smell ALL the tea

One day I even went to Christie’s art gallery with some colleagues…



Work itself is going well and I’m gradually getting used to all the programs and procedures. Everyone’s been really friendly and we all went for drinks last week. I had my new starter induction this week where people from all the different departments told us what they do and about all the work they’ve done for various blue-chip clients. It still amazes me that Hogarth grew from 14 employees to about 1000 in just 5 years. Afterwards I was just like: ‘Wow, I work here…this is such an awesome company!’

Mulled wine and Big Ben!

Mulled wine and Big Ben!

And now that I have a full time job, I really appreciate the weekends. Last night I went for drinks with Laura who also works in London and we had a lovely evening wandering around the Southbank. After a couple of cocktails at Opal Bar we browsed the ‘Real Food Market’ and nibbled on free samples of cured meats, mulled wine, Moroccan chicken and then we shared a giant burger. Hopefully the first of many adventures in London…

I feel so grown up!