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So around this time last year I made some New Year’s resolutions. Before I commit to making more, let’s see how I got on in 2013…

1) Complete my NCTJ 

I did indeed complete my journalism diploma, with flying colours in fact as I achieved the Gold Standard (all A-C grades) – I was even one of the few to manage to get a B on the ridiculously difficult reporting exam. Boom.

2) Get a job!

I have a job! Doing well so far…So yes last October I got a call from Hogarth Worldwide saying I had a job as a proofreader. It’s been great fun. I’ve met lots of interesting people, had a few too many glasses of vino at the Christmas party and I’ve even been able to do a bit of copywriting on the side. I’m actually about to take on a 3 month copywriting project for one of their clients!

Hogarth Christmas Party

Hogarth Christmas Party

3) Go running every week

Urm, so about that. I think I could probably count on one hand the amount of times I went running last year. BUT after starting my job I now go spinning most weeks with my work mates (and spinning is way hard core). AND I found my perfect yoga class in Brighton at Revitalise so I go there most weeks…and I’m even looking into finding a yoga class in London for my lunch breaks. I ❤ YOGA.


4) Train for the 5k Swimathon 

I did train for the 5k Swimathon – so well in fact that I had to overtake everyone in my lane several times. I managed to swim the 200 lengths in about 2 hours. Not bad if I do say so myself.



5) Cut down on the French Fancies and McCoys

Okay, so I can’t resist the odd French Fancy here and there, but on the plus side I haven’t had a packet of McCoys in ages.

6) SAVE MONEY – unless I complete (2)

Hmm. So I may have a job now, but it always amazes me how quickly that money vanishes on rent, train fare, bills and food. This one will have to roll on to 2014…

7) Blog once a week

I blog…sometimes?

8) Go somewhere exotic with money from (2)

Can you call Belgium exotic? Just look at it (see below). Yes we returned to Pukkelpop Festival once more for three days of great music, camping and very friendly Belgian men. Highlights were: Eminem, The Prodigy, The XX, Bonobo, Major Lazer, Zeds Dead, The Noisettes, Regina Spektor and Duke Dumont.


Other highlights of 2013:

  • Met The 1975, as well as Fossil Collective and United Ghosts
  • Interviewed Newton Faulkner
  • Jillionaire of Major Lazer grinded on me after their gig…
  • Saw SKRILLEX, the one artist I’ve wanted to see for ages, and he rocked it
  • Saw Deap Vally, my favourite rock & roll girl band
  • Work Experience at Time Out, MoneySupermarket.com, The Spirits Business
  • Attended an eventful Belvedere vodka launch party with my boyfriend
  • Became features editor for This Festival Feeling and reported on Isle of Wight fest (saw Ellie Goulding, The Killers, Bon Jovi…)
  • Freelanced for Identity Inc and wrote content for Holiday-Weather.co.uk
  • Got my first 6-page magazine feature published in Monarch Airlines in-flight magazine, Passport
  • Raved it up at South West Four Festival
  • Got dip-dyed at Field Day Festival
  • Drank lots at Crawley Folk & Beer Festival
  • Rolled around in a ball pit on my 22nd birthday night out
  • Saw Ellie Goulding for the third time…”Goodness gracious I can’t seem to stop”
  • Countless BBQs, trips to Brighton beach and nights out on the town with my Sussex ladies

So all in all, an EPIC year and one that will be very hard to beat. Although I’ve already made three plans for 2014 with my boyfriend which should be awesome:

  • Harry Potter Studio Tour, London (next week!)
  • Paris for Valentine’s weekend
  • DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL – oh my god Linkin Park!!!

Anyway back to those New Year’s resolutions. Basically, as I have a very hectic lifestyle now what with commuting to London for work, I just want to make sure I do more of the things that make me happy. I want to:

  • Lose myself in music
  • Do stupid things with my friends
  • Practice yoga (and eventually do a headstand)
  • Paint
  • Play the keyboard
  • Make full use of my Kindle
  • Have date nights with my boyfriend
  • Save up! (I know money doesn’t equal happiness, but it helps!)

Side note: I’ve decided to go dry for January for various reasons, however my boyfriend is currently brewing wine in our bathroom, so we’ll see how that pans out.

Bring on 2014!