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1CC4665E-2DD3-4879-985F-81C39756DCCB.JPGHey guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with you and you may have noticed some changes around here.

So I just wanted to introduce my rebranded blog – Yoga Panther!

Why I changed my blog

My old blog title, ‘To make each day count’, had served it’s purpose. It was more of a mantra to get me to blog regularly, and to inspire you to do something different every day.

However, it’s a bit of a mouthful, a bit vague, and I thought it was time to hone in my focus.

How I chose the look

I think symbols are very powerful. A simple image can signify so much and at the same time be very memorable. That’s why I wanted to create a logo for my blog. Something that would sum up ‘Yoga Panther’.

I went for a lotus flower as it’s often linked to yoga and spirituality. Each chakra is shown as a different kind of lotus and there’s even a lotus pose.

In Eastern religions it symbolises enlightenment – the lotus flower grows from the depths of muddy ponds, rises above the water and becomes a beautiful bloom. This also links to self-improvement, which is what this blog is about. To achieve something, you must put in the effort and go through the hardship. No mud, no lotus!

On a personal level, my one and only tattoo is a lotus symbol, so I designed a perfect line logo based on this. I placed this on top of a photo I’d taken of a beach sunset near my hometown. It’s a pretty background to represent my background 🙂


I created my lotus logo using Illustrator. It’s perfectly proportioned, unlike my tattoo!


My Instagram snap of the stunning Hunstanton coastline, not far from my home town.


Combination of the two, along with the name in Century Gothic – a simple, airy typeface.

How I chose the name


If you hadn’t noticed already, I’m a massive yoga lover. I started practicing in 2013 and now I can’t imagine life without it.

And yoga doesn’t just mean throwing some shapes on the yoga mat. It encompasses healthy eating, mindfulness, self-improvement, meditation and generally looking after your wellbeing. The yoga lifestyle.

You can expect to see posts about these topics.


Not only is the panther fast acting, it is strong, stealthy and adventurous, while being able to adapt to different environments.

I think this sums up my writing style, as well as my yoga technique. Also, my name rhymes with Panther!

So there you have it.

Here’s to new beginnings!


Yoga Panther x