Hogarth Worldwide

Between 2013 and 2016 I worked at Hogarth – a global marketing implementation agency.

Due to copyright, I can’t show anything I worked on…but I can tell you a bit about my roles.


Hogarth first took me on as a proofreader. This involved:

  • Quality control of printed materials in the areas of pharmaceuticals, nutrition, finance, travel, retail and technology.
  • Checking for consistency and accuracy in content, formatting and layout.
  • Following a set of guidelines for a range of markets.


After 2 months at the company, I embarked on a copywriting project. The 3-month project turned into a 6-month stint, which turned into a full time role and I was promoted to copywriter, working in the creative team.

I primarily worked for one client in the financial industry. This involved:

  • Writing and editing copy for marketing and communications material across multiple channels.
  • Making content less corporate and more human.
  • Checking all copy was consistent and fitted the company’s values and tone of voice.
  • Making sure content flowed and was easy to read, especially if it had been translated from another language.
  • Meeting with the client every month to check everything was on track.

I also wrote for other blue-chip clients, worked on pitches for new clients and attended brainstorming meetings.

The different channels I’ve worked on include:


  • Letters
  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Direct mailers


  • Emails
  • Websites
  • Banners
  • App content


  • Brand/advertising guidelines
  • TV and radio scripts
  • Telephone scripts
  • Internal communications.

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