Deals Copywriter (2012 – 2013)

“Samantha picked up our house style instantly, producing marketing copy which was both accurate and engaging. Her creative flair and attention to detail make her an excellent candidate for a copywriting role – good luck in the future, Sam!” (March 2013)

– Hannah Brookes, Deals Copywriter at

Lynn News
Work Experience (2010 – 2012)

“Samantha has been invited to the Lynn News for many stints of work experience and her help has been invaluable in a busy newsroom servicing three weekly papers and a website. Her knowledge of the content management system (Atex Prestige) and her ability to work on the production side has been particularly useful. You don’t expect a work experience student to be able to work on the production side of the newspaper – Samantha is that rare exception. She quickly became a valued part of the team and she has an open invitation to return here whenever she likes. She would be an asset to any news/features operation and she has all the skills and the application needed to become a first-class journalist.” (September 2011)

– John Buss, Editor of Lynn News

The Badger
Arts Editor (2011 – 2012)

“I appointed Samantha as Arts Editor for The Badger following  both a strong application and an excellent recommendation from my predecessor, as well as my own positive experiences of working alongside her. From working with Samantha for two years, I have come to know someone who is highly competent, efficient and creative.

Samantha’s work is always done prior to the deadline and to a high standard, indicating strengths in organisation and time management. She has shown herself to be a good team player, taking direction and working well with other editors on the team, but can also perform well in leadership roles, demonstrated by the strong relationships she has built with various writers, liaising with them regularly and advising them clearly.

Samantha has a creative flair which has also been a great asset. Her work on InDesign has been of an outstanding quality, with the pages she produces for the newspaper consistently without error and imaginatively formatted. I have often recommended other editors to ask her for assistance when using InDesign as her command of the programme is particularly strong. In editor’s meetings, Samantha regularly comes with a vast range of interesting article ideas, with her content sometimes prepared weeks in advance.

Along with her role as Arts Editor, Samantha has displayed a strong talent and enthusiasm for writing in a wide range of areas, her particular strengths being visual arts, fashion and music. When it has been difficult to find writers in time for our print date, Samantha has regularly volunteered to provide articles at short notice.

My experiences with Samantha are of somebody who is highly creative, organised and reliable, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.”
(August 2012)

– Jessie Thompson, Arts Editor-in-Chief of The Badger

Lifestyle writer (Summer 2012)

“Up until the 9th September 2012, I have been Samantha’s supervising editor for her lifestyle writer position at Reasons To Be Beautiful Magazine. Via email, Samantha and I have had around 5-10 hours contact per week concerning her contribution to the magazine, she has successfully contributed 1 article per week since the 29thth of May 2012, as requested. Personally, I have found her to be very pleasant to work with as she is hardworking, bright and enthusiastic.

Samantha exhibits many skills of which I believe she can bring to any career of her choice; her skills in journalism, and general administrative writing will be benefit any company who considers hiring her. She is highly reliable, and exhibits good intellectual ability especially in terms of developing her talents for new projects.

During her internship at Reasons To Be Beautiful Magazine, Samantha has been friendly, polite, and has contributed countless insightful, flexible and entertaining articles. I highly believe that she will be an asset to any journalistic team, as well as other projects.

Please do not hesitate to email me for more information on Samantha’s internship and/or to see examples of her writing.”
(September 2012)

– Stephanie Watson, Co Editor-in-Chief of Reasons to be Beautiful

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