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11725_10151389421917321_1542966236_nThe other day I went to the best party ever, and I only knew one person – my plus one i.e. my boyfriend, Joe. Why was it the best party? Well it was my first ever posh launch party in the form of Belvedere’s ‘Light the Night’ event for its new light up vodka bottle. I was kindly invited while being on work experience at The Spirits Business, and despite getting home at half three on a work night, it was so worth it.


I spoke too soon. That was nothing. After going further downstairs to the smoky blue ‘dance floor’ complete with sweeping archways, we were greeted by skimpily clad waitresses with trays full of Belvedere cocktails. After explaining each one to us she offered us one – FOR FREE! Oh my. The Zephyr was my favourite: vodka with almond syrup, grapefruit, lemon juice and tonic water. Joe favoured the Illuminati with vita coco, coconut water, kaffir lime and green tea syrup.


They really had thought everything though. From the DJ’s light up booth with the iconic tree symbol right down to illuminated ice buckets, it was marketing heaven. Maybe it was the exclusivity of it all or perhaps the drink was starting to take over but the atmosphere was just so ethereal. Oh and the meringue canapés with rhubarb and mint – perfection.

So by this time Joe was very excited about the free drinks and was chugging them down, while I wasn’t far behind. Of course we decided to go for a Belvedere Martini.

A cautionary tale – please drink responsibly when you’re offered unlimited expensive vodka!